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Performance Analytics

Analytics is an integral aspect to provide meaningful benchmarks to inform training programs, scouting reports, and to aide in athlete recruitment. Our use of analytics can benefit any league, team, or player looking to gain the competitive advantage over their competition.

Training Programs

Training can become monotonous, stale and ineffective when methods and best practices aren't adjusted to your specific needs based on the ever changing landscape of your competition. Our programs are designed to help teams and their athletes identify the best ways to keep their minds and bodies guessing so improvements are made steadily.

Educational Tools

Results in the classroom is a key ingredient to becoming a successful student-athlete. Our plans ensure teams can prepare their athletes for the rigors of academics in college. Our tutors can help athletes to excel with their studies, put together their college applications, write their admission's essays, and study for standardized tests. Once all aspects of the student-scholar are addressed, we help you to brand yourself to your targeted audience.

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Champions Combine

Analytics, Coaching, Tutoring, and Branding

Our approach is unique. We strive to formulate a program that is informed by analytics and uses regular analysis to determine the best path towards creating meaningful results through the use of sport specific training and general strength and conditioning. With the utilization of video, the latest in breakdown technology to assess form and technique, as well as incorporating scientific based exercises and drills, Champions Combine can be the secret weapon for any team or athlete looking to garner the competitive edge.

Our firm's ultimate goal is to help our clients position themselves to be in the best position to achieve their goals, whether that is to win championships, play at the next level, or to simply become the best you can be both as an athlete and as a student.

Whether your goal is to continue on into prep school or college, our focus extends beyond your development as an athlete. We provide you with the necessary tools and support to excel in the classroom, to prepare yourself for the rigors of academics at the next level, and to showcase your best self in your applications.

Once we have helped you to transform into the best scholar-athlete that you can be, we can work to help brand yourself effectively so you can drive attention to yourself and garner the watchful eye and consideration of scouts, recruiters, and coaches. We build a 360 degree brand for you by developing a personal website, introductory video, press releases, highlight reel, and to provide on going correspondence with coaches.

It is our mission to achieve real change, not just for our clients while we are actively working with you, but even after you have gone out on your own. Our programs and strategies will not just be instructional but they will also be educational. Success is not just measured by what you achieve while under our watchful eye.. It will also be measured by what you do with the knowledge you have gained during our time together to transform your approach to development, training, nutrition, lifestyle, and education.

As a thought leader in the sports arena, we strive to achieve this through our use of analytics and analysis, sports specific training programs, strength and conditioning programs, nutrition and lifestyle plans, academic support, prep school or college application preparation, brand creation, and helping you in your journey to reach your potential as both an athlete and a scholar.

Programs that work

Champions Combine is a sports firm focused on providing no fuss programs that work. We understand time is money, so we will not waste your time. We will identify your needs quickly, recommend winning solutions, and get things mobilized fast so you will see results from your new secret weapon. We'll produce tangible and sustainable results to minimize risk for injury, enabling you to perform at your best when it counts, and helping you to achieve your goals for your team or yourself.

We are the catalyst for the change you desire. Whether you need a full turnaround effort, to infuse a spark in an otherwise stale environment, or to make small adjustments to your practice and training routine - Champions Combine can be the resource you rely on to help you make your sports ambitions into a reality.

Our process is simple. We take the time to understand our clients, whether they be a team as a whole or individual players. We begin our process by getting to know your goals and aspirations, observing you action, analyzing your performance, creating baseline analytics, identifying where you are presently and what you will need to achieve in the future to reach your goals, and to formulate programs that will enable you to do so in the most efficient and productive ways possible. Our firm realizes that you have a lot on your plate. We exist to help make things easier on you by providing you with assistance that is both meaningful and effective.

We measure our success by determining if we helped you to achieve your goals.


Our sport specific, general purpose and educational programs will enable any team or player to gain the competitive advantage they need to succeed. We use forward thinking and creative strategies based on science, math, intuition, and experience to help your team or your athlete make measurable improvements. Our approach of addressing your needs, as it relates to your sport, your general athleticism and game sense, as well as your success in the classroom is one of the key aspects that sets Champions Combine apart from our competitors.



Through the information gathered via video analysis of games, practices, and regular testing - we can determine areas where improvement can be made and ensure the programs we are using with you remain effective and beneficial. Our ability to track, monitor and compare your progress allows us to be predictive instead of responsive, so no time or energy is wasted on ineffective strategies.



Playing at the next level should not just be a pie in the sky dream. We will help you to present yourself in the best way possible to showcase your best self to recruiters, scouts, colleges, coaches, and Admission's staff to ensure you standout and elicit the attention needed to be successful at making it at the next level. We transform you into your own brand that can effectively be marketed to scouts, recruiters, coaches, and Admission's staff to generate the attention you need in order for you to set yourself apart from everyone else who share your dream.



Every recommendation we make and every approach we utilize is specifically designed to serve the specific needs of our clients. Everything is personalized and geared towards testing, assessing, and strategist the aspects of your development that will be most beneficial to you. We understand what you are trying to do is challenging, difficult, and at times stressful so we'll be there with you throughout your journey to help you to be at your best mentally and physically.


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video analysis

general tutoring

performance reviews

recruiting videos


interview practice

sports training

sat i/ii prep

off season training

essay writing

strength & conditioning

college apps


The Champion Combine Approach




Our creative ideas and innovative strategic programs based on detailed quantitative analysis and thorough testing allows our clients to stay a step ahead.




Life is about balance and setting priorities. Our ground breaking methodology establishes our best practices into your every day life to minimize headaches and maximize growth and performance.




We do what we love, so you can do what you love. We infuse energy, objectivity, and proven systems into how you approach what you love doing, serving as a catalyst for change. At CC, we are about educating you on ways to achieve sustainable results, so you can continue the work we initiated after you reach the next level.




Complacency is an all too common practice in sports today. CC is a thought leader in developing inspired new ways of thinking. We use the latest techniques in athlete development, branding, sports based training, nutrition, and recruitment to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Our Pricing

Coaching Plans

  • Price determined by duration, frequency
  • Athletes can sign up in alone or a group
  • Teams can offer discounted athlete plans
  • Fees can be financed with Bill Me Later

Analysis / Analytics

  • Various subscription plans available
  • Plans can cover video breakdown
  • Ala Carte Services are available
  • Licensing to teams is available

Educational Plans

  • Plans are based on your deadline date
  • Services available as packages
  • Ala Carte Services are available
  • Licensing to teams is available

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